Topic: Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 Suite

Speakers: Joe Mraz



Windows Home Server: KEGS Member Bob Baxter will discuss this relatively new MS product for home. Windows Home Server is intended for general home use to provide backup and file sharing services. It does not require a lot of networking or server knowledge. Bob will not be discussing all of the features listed above. He will provide an overview on setting it up at home, setting up or adding PCs, file sharing, and managing backups. Bob will bring his Windows Home Server and maybe two laptops to share an actual setup.



Roxio Easy Media Creator 10--What can you do with this Program? January's demo got snowed out and shortened quite a bit. See what you can do to those old VCR tapes and slides and such. How do you handle audio? And pictures and digital photos? This is the program you need to handle all these tasks. See captured video being edited and DVDs created. Come see what was missing from the first presentation. Roxio is now offering email discounts and you can get this program now for $49.95, a 50% discount off of list price! Come see if it is worth the price!



Update on Viruses, Malware, etc.--The planned presentation for the April General Meeting will be a little different than usual. Our guest speaker will be Randy Abrams from ESET LLC. If you attended last November's meeting, you recall that Randy gave us a very interesting presentation on the use of heuristics in anti-virus programs. He showed how heuristics were used to identify computer viruses and why many companies are using this technology to find and remove viruses instead of pre-identified signatures. At this month's meeting, Randy will give us a short update on viruses, the current threat and other malware that we need to be concerned about. Then, we will have a period of questions and answers that Randy refers to as 'Ask the Expert.' This should be very interesting. In an effort to balance the opportunities to ask Randy questions, we will ask attendees to write up to two questions on cards that will be provided to you at the sign-in table. Then, Randy will pick from these questions and provide answers to those that he can cover during the time available. We hope you enjoy this format. Be sure to invite a friend or neighbor to our meeting.



Optimize Windows XP by David Dodge. 'It's spring. Time to tune up the car, the house, and of course the computer. Now is the time to optimize those Windows XP systems. If you are not ready for Vista, this session is for you. Learn how to speed up your hard drive, clear some gunk off your system and make things fly, or at least appear to. Revisit some old techniques and learn some new techniques. Got Outlook? What do I do with all that mail? Think you know everything? Come stump the experts.' Be sure to invite a friend or neighbor to our meeting.

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Kegabuck$ auction

The KEGABUCK$ Auction

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GPS (Global Positioning System)--For our July meeting we will have a presentation by Jim Fairchild and Douglas Houck of the Mountaineers who instruct the Mountaineers' courses on using GPS. Their talk will give an overall view of GPS, a bit of its history, a look at how various parts work, views of how one might use the system for various purposes, and note some experiences they have had in using a GPS. If you are thinking about buying a GPS, this is your opportunity to learn from the experts. Be sure to bring questions and invite your friends and neighbors to our meeting.



Recent Trip to Southern Africa by Hal Mozer—Hal will show us his digital photos of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. Hal is a very experienced traveler and has been to all 7 continents and about 65 countries. Since 1995, Hal has taught lots of classes for SeniorNet including Photo Editing, File Management, and Digital Cameras. In addition to telling us what camera equipment he carried on his trip, he will also tell us what he did to enhance his photos. This should be an enjoyable evening, so invite a friend or relative to our meeting.



Backing Up Your Hard Drive--Gene Barlow from User Group Relations ( will be presenting this topic via a Webinar. He represents Acronis Software and their award-winning product, Acronis True Image. Everyone needs a good backup plan. Gene will discuss and demonstrate how easy it is to use Acronis True Image to make full and incremental backups of your computer's hard drive. With a well-thought-out backup plan, you can feel confident that if your hard drive should crash or if you lose any important data files, you can be up and running again in a matter of minutes, not hours or days. This is an important topic that every PC user should implement on their computer. Gene is providing us with a door prize for the meeting and discounted 'user group' prices on the software that he will be discussing. We hope you find this presentation technology exciting. Don't miss this meeting!



Microsoft Windows Vista Update by Carl Von Papp--

1) How to configure the Vista firewall and how to use it. 2) How to turn off the User Account Control (UAC) and how toconfigure it. 3) How to turn off AERO to conserveresources. 4) How to setup a more precise way to select files in Windows Explorer. 5) How to use Windows Defenderto configure the background tasks and the startup features (This is a better way than using msconfig). 6) How togenerate a system health report. 7) How to use the Reliability Monitor in the Computer Management area. 8)How to create partitions using Vista without deleting files on your computer using Computer Management (Now you don'tneed a third party application to create your partitions).



Take Your Best Shot—Presented by Tim Grey, one of the top educators in digital photography and imaging. He has been focused on digital photography and imaging for over 10 years. Tim has written more than a dozen books on digital imaging as well as hundreds of articles published in popular digital imaging magazines. He publishes the Digital Darkroom Questions email newsletter as well as the Digital Darkroom Quarterly. We are very fortunate that he will take time for a presentation to our group. Please invite as many guests as possible to attend our meeting.


Airset Free Online Calendar—presented by Bob Baxter. Here's what Airset can do for you:

Takethe stress out of staying organized.
Easily manage yourself and the groups in yourlife.

Share calendars, contacts, lists and more.

Manage all your groups from one place.

Sync with Outlook and Palm desktop.

Relax. Your data is secure and private.

Bob plans to build a new calendar for KEGS meetings using the online calendar system from AirSet. This online calendar system can help organize your family or group activities. It is a great way to share schedules with others.

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