Whether it's the benefits of learning something new or the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone else, KEGS offers you opportunities to get involved at any level with which you are comfortable.

  • General Meetings: On this page is a listing of what's planned for our monthly General Meeting, an explanation of what happens there and the opportunity to look at what we've done in the past. For quick access to our current General Meeting info, see the "General Meetings" icon above.
  • SIG / Board Meetings: Tells you all about our SIG meetings and the SIG leaders & when The KEGS BOARD holds its monthly meeting.
  • Meeting Location: How to get to our meeting location.
  • Newsletters: Gives you access to our current and past KEGS Newsletters. For quick access to our current Newsletter, click the "Current Newsletter" icon above.
  • Join Kegs: Provides you with all the information and tools you need to become a KEGS member.
  • KEGABUCK$: Explains our KEGABUCK$ funny money and our yearly member appreciation auction.
  • KEGS History: Looks back at our past with a kluge of past web page postings.
  • Amazon Smile: Explains the Amazon Smile Program and asks you to please activate Amazon's non-profit support program that gives us money with every purchase you make on Amazon.

KEGS Officers, Board Members & Administrators

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