The COVID19 gathering restrictions continue to affect our meetings, which are now hybrid meetings (combination of in-person and Zoom). To determine whether any meetings have been canceled for any reason please click on our KEGS "Calendar" icon above.

  • Below is listing of presenters that we have scheduled for our Monthly General Presentations. Please go to our Meeting Locations page for location and driving instructions.
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January 1/2/2024

"Safety Tips" presented by Lt. Lopez (Hybrid Meeting)

February 2/6/2024

"Purchasing Tips for a Windows Computer, a Chromebook, and Apple Devices; Best of CES 2024" presented by Ron Brown (Zoom Only)

March 3/5/2024

"How New Automobile Technology Empowers Seniors on the Road" by Ron Brown;
"Some Simple Windows Shortcuts" by Hewie Poplock; and
"Best Tech of MWC 2024" by Danny Winget. (Zoom Meeting).

April 4/2/2024

"Windows Privacy" presented by Andy Peck (Hybrid Meeting)

May 5/7/2024

"Tips from Hewie and Ron" presented by Hewie Poplock and Ron Brown (Hybrid Meeting)

June 6/4/2024

"How to Speed Up Your Windows Computer" presented by Randy Van Heusden (Hybrid Meeting)

July 7/2/2024

"Windows Specialty Tools" presented by Randy Van Heusden (Zoom only Meeting)

August 8/1/2023

"The Metaverse" presented by KEGS Member Andy Peck.  (Hybrid Meeting)

September 9/5/2023

Google "Gmail" presented by Rob Truman (Hybrid Meeting)

October 10/3/2023

"Cybersecurity A to Z" presented by Bob Gostischa  (Hybrid Meeting)

November 11/7/2023

"Our Need to Rethink Fraud in America" presented by AARP (Hybrid Meeting)  

December 12/5/2023

"Multiple Universe Interpretation; Living in a Simulation, etc." presented by Andy Peck (Hybrid Meeting).

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