Your membership helps us continue our user support efforts and provides us the funds necessary to maintain current operations for our SIG and General meetings.

The Membership form is self explanatory. Access our KEGS membership form by clicking here. If you don't have the free Adobe Reader please go here. Get Adobe Reader

To make it easy we've designed our KEGS membership form so you can fill it in on your computer. This PDF file has been saved as a form template. That means that you can use your Tab key to go from field-to-field as you fill in the form:

  1. You can type into the form on your computer online before you print it out.
  2. Or, you can save the PDF form to your computer and fill it in off-line.
  3. Or, if you really like using a pen, you can print out the blank form and fill it in by hand however, after trying to read some of the handwriting that has been submitted, we'd really like you to use steps 1 or 2.
  4. After you've filled out the form please mail it to us with your payment enclosed.

    The Komputer Enthusiasts of Greater Seattle (KEGS)
    PO Box 171
    Bellevue, WA 98009-0171

    We would also be happy to receive your form from you at one of our General Meetings.

Member Benefits

Paid members have the opportunity to participate in our KEGABUCK$ program and its associated yearly auction. In fact, NEW members automatically receive 1000 KEGABUCK$. Click here to find out more about the KEGABUCK$ Program.

Paid members also receive a KEGS membership card. This card is primarily used for receipt of KEGABUCK$ and drawing tickets at our General meetings. As a result, we do not mail out our membership cards but they will be waiting for you to pick up at the Treasurer's desk during our General meeting.

If you join in the last quarter of the year (i.e. before January 1st of the upcoming year) your membership applies to the remainder of the current year and ALL of the upcoming year. Joining at that time also gives you "Early Bird" status and entitles you to one extra drawing ticket when you attend our general meetings.

Thanks for considering a membership in KEGS. We look forward to seeing you at our next general meeting.

KEGS Officers, Board Members & Administrators

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