January1/9/2012This month we're having a 2-part presentation: First our own Jon Mercer will review all the new "Touch" technology that's offered in different Operating Systems (Windows 7, Windows 8 Developers Preview, Android, and Apple). The second half will be a presentation on how to handle the large files sizes put out by the newer 16MP and higher digital cameras.
February2/13/2012Natalie Danielson has agreed to speak this Monday evening about Twitter.
March3/12/2012Come and find out what they can tell you about Windows 8
April4/9/2012Microsoft's David Burt will be giving us a Security Update
May5/14/2012Microsoft's Fred Pullen is going to present a review of Internet Explorer 10
June6/11/2012Kegabuck$ Auction
July7/9/2012Our July General Meeting will be 'Organizing, Protect & Share Your Hard Drive using utilities from Acronis.' This topic will be presented by Gene Barlow of User Group Relations via webinar using Skype.

Our August General Meeting will be a 2 part meeting

- Bill Fisher will be showing 1962 World's Fair Photos

- Jon Mercer will cover some of the New Technology

September9/10/2012Ray Pettit from Laplink will be presenting a review of their products
October10/8/2012Speed Up Your Computer with a Solid State Drive and RAM Disk. Herb Johnson will show us step-by-step how he installed a $60 solid state drive and utilized a RAM disk to speed up his computer. You know how software like Photoshop takes forever to load; you will be amazed at the difference after his installation. Herb includes all of the tips and tricks you need to know with his visual presentation and written material.
November11/12/2012NOTE: THIS MEETING IS NOT AT KTUB - Well be meeting at the Bellevue Microsoft Store