the January General Meeting will NOT take place at the Kirkland Teen Union Building. Instead, we will meet at the new Microsoft Store in the Bellevue Square shopping mall. Our host tells me that the best place for us to park is in the West Parking Garage – That's the part of the garage west of Nordstrom and across NE 8th Street from the QFC. If you enter the mall from the parking garage on the ground floor, Red Mango will be immediately on your right and the Microsoft Store will be directly ahead. As you enter the store, please ask for Chad or Jared. Our hosts are asking that we all arrive by 6:45 PM so that we can start the program on time. Obviously, there will NOT be a Technology Corner SIG this month.Our meeting will start off with a tour of the store at 7:00 and will end with a presentation on MS Office 2010 presented on their giant computer screen in the store's theater space. Additionally, Microsoft is providing some door prizes so you'll want to be there for a chance to win. If this format for a General Meeting works out well for us, we may plan to meet there again in the future.



Our own Steve Fondren will review his favorite applications and tools when working with PC. Bring your note pads.



Bill Butler on digital imaging - RAW Capture to Finished Image



Steve Fondren continued. So much good info that we couldn't get in at the February meeting So Steve is continuing this month.



Jocelyn 'Toolie' Garner will talk to us about Facebook. If you are like me, you may not have pursued learning Facebook as the many articles about security mishaps related to this application have sort of scared me away. The presenter this month is eminently qualified to teach us about Facebook and to tell us how to use it safely. She is a ten-year veteran of Microsoft who now runs her own business in which she specializes in aiding entrepreneurs and small businesses with issues regarding websites, blogs and Internet Marketing.



KEGABUCK$ Auction - We need your donations early—Please bring to a General Meeting or to a SIG Meeting or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and well make arrangements to get your donation.



Our July General Meeting will be 'Organizing Your Hard Drive and the Latest Backup Utility from Acronis.' This topic will be presented by Gene Barlow of User Group Relations via webinar using Skype.



The August General Meeting will NOT take place at the Kirkland Teen Union Building. Instead, we will meet again at the Microsoft Store in the Bellevue Square shopping mall as we did this past January. The evening will include a presentation on IE9 presented on the giant computer screen in the store's theater space.



Microsoft's David Tear (a Technical Evangelist for the worldwide Developer Platform Evangelism team at Microsoft) will cover the impressive performance of IE9, including java script improvements and hardware acceleration. He will also review important security and manageability features that allow one to configure the browser to meet specific needs. He will also cover standards and HTML5.



Cloud Computing is a hot topic these days. You may have heard about Private, Public, Hybrid, Partner and other types of cloud computing. But what does that mean to you? Will I need to change what I am doing today to be involved with computing in the future? Maybe. Maybe not. In fact, you are already doing cloud computing though you may not realize it. We will talk about the different types of cloud computing and what this means to the everyday user of computers and technologies. Be sure to bring any questions you have as well so we can make sure you come away with a clear understanding of Cloud Computing. Speaker is Chris Avis, Microsoft.



Buzz Bruggeman, co-founder, will present ActiveWords®. "ActiveWords® allows the user to create a highly customized, yet versatile system without any programming knowledge or technical prowess. It allows simplifying repeated tasks while allowing freedom to adapt to unique circumstances. It reminds one of what computing is really supposed to be about." You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish with ActiveWords®! CNET gave ActiveWords® a 5-star rating in October of 2010. Join us Monday evening to learn what you can do with this inexpensive or free software. Go to for more information.


We plan a two-part activity. First, we will watch funny or particularly interesting videos that will be supplied by our members. BE SURE TO BRING YOUR FAVORITES! -- five minute limit, no political or religious videos, please. We ask that you record the URL for your offering on a thumb drive and bring it to the meeting. Second, Herb Johnson and Bill Butler will give a joint presentation about taking digital photographs of flowers. We will also have regular Christmas eggnog and cookies.