The COVID19 gathering restrictions continue to affect our meetings, which are now hybrid meetings (combination of in-person and Zoom). To determine whether any meetings have been canceled for any reason please click on our KEGS "Calendar" icon above.

January 1/10/2022

"Computers to the Moon" via Zoom presented by Mark Schulman

February 2/14/2022

"Encryption Software" via Zoom presented by Mark Schulman

March 3/14/2022 "My 3D Printer" via Zoom presented by Larry Fortna
April 4/11/2022 "Preserving Digital Photos" via Zoom presented by Mark Schulman
May 5/9/2022 "Backups in a Busy World" via Zoom presented by Mark Schulman
June 6/13/2022

"Digital Afterlife" via Zoom presented by Phil Bock

July 7/5/2022

"Finding and Using Historical Newspapers" presented by Sue Mueller. Our first Hybrid meeting (both in-person and via Zoom). Please note that our General Meetings are now on the first Tuesday.

August 8/2/2022

"Is the Future of Money Digital Currency?" presented by Chris and Jim Guld  (Hybrid Meeting)

September 9/6/2022 "QR Codes and More" presented by John Krout (Hybrid Meeting)
October 10/4/2022 "Cyber-Safety in the Digital Age" presented by Bob Gostischa (Hybrid Meeting)
November 11/1/2022

"Home Theatre Tips & Tricks" presented by Bill James and Mike Ungerman (Hybrid Meeting).  

December 12/6/2022

"Encryption Software" presented by Mark Schulman (Hybrid Meeting)