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Need help but don't know where to go.

Following is a list of web sites that might give you the information that you need. 

The original of the list below came from a computer magazine (Computer Shopper) but we add to it when we find something new.  If you have a information or support site that you have found useful, please send an email to our web administrator at, give us your favorite web site, tell us which category it fits in, and we will add it to this list.  If you're a KEGS member you even get KEGABUCK$ for every link we add.

But this isn't all!  There's more!  (I feel like I'm selling knives on an infomercial.)



Stumbled upon this site when searching for help on YouTube.  The site belongs to 321 LEARN and they provide lots of free training videos to do all sorts of things.   Here's the link


We've added a help page that links you to APCUG's e-PUSH Tech articles which we will now post on our website.  Here's the link

APCUG e-Push Tech articles


A KEGS member, Gordon Young, has graciously given us a list of all his favorite utilities.  Just click here to jump right to his special list of goodies

Gordon's Goodies

Need Security help?  Go to our Microsoft provided list of Microsoft Security Resources.

NEWS                      Geek gathering spot for a diverse selection of topics.                                     Online news from worldwide sources.                              Open-source-centric tech news and discussions.

REFERENCE                                               Very technical news and reviews.                                  The spot for discussing security concerns.                                                         On display: the Web that was.                                        Online outpost of the Better Business Bureau.                                          Shopping, with product and store ratings.              Updates on the state of the broadband industry.                    Provides many free tutorials in various categories.       Nonprofit organization for impartial product evaluations.                     Electronic Privacy Information Center; Big Brother, beware.                                                 Shopping site with online reviews.            Learn how your PC remembers your I 00-page thesis.            Thinking about over-clocking? Help, downloads & more.  A premier directory for computer technology and related tutorials.           High-end tech talk for IT p1-os and savvy enthusiasts.                        Find out the truth about computer myths and hoaxes.             Go here when you want to know what a tech word means.

SUPPORT                                   Find solutions to irksome Windows traits.                                         Around-the-clock support—for a price.                   Profiles your system and tells you what you already own.                                                                 Take action against spam.                                                         Online source for high-tech jobs.                                                       Hassle-free driver downloads.                                      The place to go for drivers, old or new.                                                                      Free tech support.                               Free tech support, but donations are accepted.                                Sooner or later, we all end up here.                                                Offers a free online virus scan.

DOWNLOADS, SERVICES                                           Unique selection of open-source code.                                           Convert files to PDF format.                                   The downloads at this site go on for ever.                                                         Send and receive faxes via e-mail.                                                  Great freeware and shareware site.                               Find the latest version of your software.                                                 Facilitates multimedia conferencing.

MOBILE   Sniff out a Wi-Fi hotspot in New York, Seattle, or London.                                  In case you can’t get enough free Wi-Fl.                              Find a bed at one of 65,000 hotels worldwide.                                                                         Mobile map site.                                      Various media formatted for handhelds.                                     Palm apps and peripherals available here.             Comprehensive list of wireless nodes around the world.                                    Avoid a shock—get the right adapter here.                                        Mobile entertainment and shopping guide.                                                          Online document-storage site.

MULTIMEDIA                             Find art to improve the look of your presentations.                      Where Boy Scouts get their music (for a monthly fee).                                          Much free music—but beware of spyware.                    Battle reports from the front lines of digital music.                                      Upload digital photos, and order prints online.                                      Links photos to people and people to photos.                                              Less free music, but free of spyware.

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