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Mailing Address: 

Komputer Enthusiasts of Greater Seattle
2616 171st Ave SE
Bellevue, WA 98008
DUES { $24.00 if paid in January, February or March;

  18.00 if paid in April, May or June;

  12.00 if paid in July, August or September;

  24.00 if paid in October, November or December (includes the entire next year.)

If you have any questions, you can contact us at or you can call Joe Mraz at 425-747-2433 evenings until 9:00pm.  Thank you and WELCOME TO OUR GROUP

¨New Application


¨Change of address, phone #, etc.  - Please circle the changes.

Name _________________________________________________________

Mailing Address __________________________________________   Unit # ___________

City ____________________________________   State _______   ZIP ___________

Day Phone ___________________   Evening Phone ____________________

Occupation ____________________________________________________

Company name _________________________________________________

E-mail address __________________________________________________

¨  I’d prefer to receive access to the KEGS Newsletter by e-mail, using the above e-mail address.

¨  I'd prefer to receive my KEGS newsletter by picking up a printed copy at the monthly general meeting.

The Users Group gives special recognition to those members who refer newcomers to our ranks.  If you were referred by a member, please tell us their name, so that we can recognize him or her appropriately.  Thank you.

Referring person’s name   _________________________________________   Their KEGS member # __________

If you were thinking that our Group might be a good place to volunteer, you were right!

¨  Please call me and tell me more about how I can help the Group.
¨  I'd like to help with:_________________________________________________________________________________



Date __________________ Signature ___________________________________________________

NOTE:  This Membership Application MUST be completed in order to be considered for membership in the Komputer Enthusiasts of Greater Seattle.  This applies to Renewals as well.  We keep all paper applications on file for a period of two years, just to cover our butts for whatever reason might come up.  Is it really so hard to help us out and complete this thing, particularly during renewal?  Thought not.  Thanks for your efforts on our behalf.

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