What is KEGS KEGABUCK$ program?

For those of you who are not KEGS members, a quick explanation of KEGABUCK$ is probably in order.  In our computer users group we have a unique way of promoting and rewarding member participation and volunteerism.  Every time a member attends a meeting or volunteers to help with one of our KEGS programs we reward that participation with “funny money” that we call KEGABUCK$.

Once a year we have an auction where ONLY KEGABUCK$ can be used to bid on items.  Thus, the members with the highest level of KEGS participation have the most money to spend.

How does a KEGS member get their KEGABUCK$?

There are only a few instances were you will actually be handed KEGABUCK$ during the year:

1) At our Monthly General Meeting and

2) At our Pig SIG. 

The rest of your KEGABUCK$ entitlement is calculated from the attendance records that are administered by the SIG leaders and special program administers. 

Just before the auction we run programs against the SIG and special program attendance rosters.  Those programs generate totals for each member and we stuff envelopes with KEGABUCK$ that were calculated by the programs.  These envelopes are given to our attending members (must be currently active) on auction night.

You are expected to bring all your personally collected KEGABUCK$ to the auction (including any funny money used in special programs and any KEGABUCK$ from previous years) so they can be used with what is in your envelope.

We do have a policy of purging any KEGABUCK$ that have not been picked up at auction night and are three (3) years old.  I guess you could call this our "You don't use, you loose" policy.

We also have a good-will policy that, if you forgot to pay your dues but are still attending KEGS functions, we will give you your KEGABUCK$ envelope on auction night if you pay us for the full years membership at that time.

Earn extra KEGABUCK$ if you buy and wear a KEGS T-shirt , Vest or Cap.

One of the things we'd like to do is "impress" newcomers to our meetings.  Early in KEGS development we decided that a new visitor would be impressed if they attended meetings where existing members showed their club commitment by wearing a KEGS T-shirt / Vest / Cap.

To thank the dedicated members that participate in the T-shirt program, we provide an additional 50 KEGABUCK$ bonus when a KEGS T-shirt, Vest or Cap are worn to one of our meetings.   In view of the impression we're trying to make we do require that the T-shirt, Vest or Cap be worn externally and visible during the meetings.  (Shirts worn under other clothing DO NOT qualify for the bonus!)

There is one SIG meeting that is not eligible for this bonus - the "Pig SIG".  Even if your eating is computer controlled, we consider this a social event (and we're trying to help you keep Pizza sauce off of your shirt).

Just ask one of the current board members and they will tell you how to buy a KEGS T-shirt, Vest or Cap.

Auction items and how we get them

In preparation for the KEGABUCK$ auction the KEGS officers approach vendors and KEGS members asking for donations of new and used products for auction items.

In the past there were many vendors that were willing to contribute but sadly, today's business environment has almost totally shut down the flow of free goodies from vendors.  But, we still occasionally get a vendor donation.

Today, the majority of auction items are provided by KEGS members who have upgraded to something newer or they're cleaning out their garage.  We review used items and make sure that they are worthy of being passed on.  Please keep this in mind and, throughout the year, set-aside items that you would be willing to contribute to the auction.

We also use KEGS funds to purchase special items for the auction.


Donation Hall of Fame - A Blast From The Past - How it was in the good old days

In preparation for the KEGABUCK$ auction we approach vendors and, after explaining the program, ask for donations of products that can be used as auction items.  The vendor response is fantastic and this is our way of acknowledging and thanking them for their generous contributions.  We encourage you to patronize these vendors whenever possible.

The KEGABUCK$ Auction 2004

click here to see what was on the auction block

You'll need Adobe reader to see the list.


The KEGABUCK$ Auction 2003

Adobe Systems, Inc.
Dair Computer Systems
Detto Technology   
Hewlett Packard     
Laplink, Inc.
Millennia Corp.      
PanicWare, Inc.     
Smart Computing   
Sunbelt Software   
User Group Relations
ZEDTEC, Inc.       

Additionally, we give a big “Thank You” to the following KEGS members who generously contributed some of their excess computer products for use in the auction:

Steve Fondren   
Hugh Hall         
AnnaMarie Knudsen    
Joe Mraz                


The KEGABUCK$ Auction 2002

Adobe Systems, Inc.
Al Hooper                    KEGS member
Aladdin Systems, Inc
Bob Baxter                   KEGS member
Casady & Green 
Dave Abernathy               KEGS member
Dave & Cathy Whittle
      KEGS member
Detto Technology  
Electronic Arts       
Gobe Software      
Hewlett Packard    
Laplink, Inc.
Lexmark Marketing
Power Quest         
Small Box Software
Steve Fondren                  KEGS member
Xerox Marketing              


The KEGABUCK$ Auction 2001

Adobe Systems, Inc.
Aladdin Systems, Inc.
Electronic Arts    
Hewlett Packard  
Laplink, Inc.
Power Quest