KEGS Officers, Board Members & Administrators

Contact Information

The Komputer Enthusiasts of Greater Seattle (KEGS)
P O Box 171
Bellevue, WA 98009-0171

If you have trouble contacting any of us directly or just have a general question

contact us over the Internet at:  


Contact Address



Ron Cowger

First Vice President

Sally Ann Mowrey

Second Vice President

Gerald Smith
Secretary Bob Baxter
Treasurer Dick Arensberg
Directors at large

Note: This address reaches all of the Board members.

Larry Ford

Jon Mercer

Gary Skelton

General Meeting Program Chairman (Use this contact if you want to be a presenter at one of our General Meetings.) Shared Responsibility of the KEGS Board
Computer Lab Administrator (Report any Lab problems immediately!)


Bob Baxter

KEGABUCK$ Administrator Sally Ann Mowrey

Membership Chair  (This is the membership drive coordinator.  If you're just working on sending in your KEGS membership, contact our Treasurer.) Shared Responsibility of the KEGS Board
Newsletter Joe Mraz & Sally Ann Mowrey

SIG Coordinator Gerald Smith

Webmaster Joe Mraz
KEGS Repesenative to APCUG Ron Cowger & Bob Baxter


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